The Cemetery is intended to serve as the final resting place for qualified persons and it is essential that certain guidelines exist to ensure that the integrity, beauty and maintenance of the cemetery not be interrupted. All lot owners, visitors and contractors who perform work within the cemetery shall be subject to these Rules & Regulations. Although these Rules & Regulations are comprehensive in scope, they are not all encompassing. It is recognized that situations not addressed within this document may arise from time to time. In those instances, the Cemetery Board will review the matter and issue its disposition. In all instances, the decision of the Board is final and may not be appealed.

These Rules and Regulations supercede and replace any and all previously issued Rules and Regulations and are effective April 1, 2016. The Board reserves the right to review and revise rules and/or regulations at its discretion.


The rules herein established are designed for the protection of lot owners. Enforcement of these Rules and Regulations will help protect our cemetery and create and preserve its beauty. It is the intention of Cemetery management and its Board to establish and enforce rules/regulations for the express purpose of ensuring that Fort Meigs Union Cemetery continues to remain one of Perrysburg City's and Perrysburg Township's major assets.


Fort Meigs Union Cemetery shall be under the control of the duly appointed Cemetery Board and its designated Cemetery Superintendent. They shall maintain the drives and fences and keep all burial lots and grassed areas in generally good condition .

Residents are those who reside within the corporate boundaries of the City of Perrysburg or the Township of Perrysburg. All others are considered non-residents.

In cases where a grave space is purchased by a resident, paying a resident price but used for the burial of a non-resident, an interment fee in addition to the normal interment fee shall be assessed at the time of burial of the non-resident. This additional fee shall be equal to the difference between the pricing of a single grave space to a resident at the time of burial and the price of a single grave space to a non-resident. No such additional charge shall be made for the burial of the owner of said grave, or the husband, wife or child of said owner.

The cost of graves, foundations, interments and any other charges are established from time to time by the Board of Trustees. Copies of the fee schedule can be obtained at the cemetery office. In order to perpetuate the beauty and continuity of the cemetery, Fort Meigs Union Cemetery reserves the right to enforce all rules and regulation here set forth and others that might seem necessary for a particular situation.


The cemetery will take all reasonable precautions to protect grave owners and the property rights of grave owners, within the cemetery, from loss or damage; but the cemetery distinctly disclaims all responsibility for loss or damage from causes beyond its reasonable control, and especially from damage caused by the elements, an act of God, common enemy, thieves, vandals, strikers, malicious mischief makers, explosions, unavoidable accidents, invasions, insurrections, riots, or order of any military or civil authority, whether the damage be direct or collateral, other than as herein provided.

Purchasers of a grave shall receive a deed entitling them use of said grave for burial of human remains, subject to the Rules and Regulations of Fort Meigs Union Cemetery, the Ordinances of the City of Perrysburg, Resolutions of Perrysburg Township and the laws of the State of Ohio.

Graves cannot be sold once purchased, except back to Fort Meigs Union Cemetery, subject to the approval of the Board, at the original purchase price. Repurchase will only be made to an owner who possesses the original deed which shall be relinquished to the cemetery at the time of repurchase. Fort Meigs Union Cemetery reserves the right of refusal to repurchase.

Fort Meigs Union Cemetery reserves the right to modify the layout of the cemetery as appropriate.

The cemetery reserves the right to move an upright marker to facilitate grave digging.

The Board of Trustees reserves the right to exclude from any lot, any headstone, monument, or other structure, or other object, which may conflict with the regulations, or which may be considered hazardous or offensive to the public or injurious to the general appearance of the grounds, lawns or graves.


Upon the death of the holder or part-holder of a grave, the rights of said grave will descend to his/her heirs as stated in the will or in accordance with the laws of descent of the State of Ohio.

If the owner of a grave gives permission for others to be buried on a remaining grave, this permission must be given in writing to the cemetery office, and the owner's signature shall be notarized.


Burials shall be permitted only with a proper burial permit signed by the funeral director. All charges for opening and closing of a grave space shall be paid in full before burial is made. If cemetery management receives direction from grave owner or funeral director to open a gravesite, and then a change is made after the site is opened, an additional charge will be assessed to the owner or funeral home making the initial request.

The Cemetery Superintendent shall be notified at least 48 hours prior to the time of interment. Sunday and Holiday funerals must be scheduled by 11:00 am two business days prior to service.

All interments and/or cremation burials must be scheduled to be in the gate no later than 2:00 pm on any given day. Should a scheduled funeral arrive late (after 2:00 pm cutoff), the cemetery reserves the right to charge an additional fee as established by the Board of Trustees. This fee is subject to review and change by the board.

All caskets of the deceased are to be encased in a top sealed concrete vault or grave liner. (Caskets for infants shall be encased in a non-decomposable baby vault.)

All funerals on entering the cemetery shall be under the charge of the Cemetery Superintendent.

All burials shall conform to the rules of the Board of Health of the State of Ohio. All graves shall be dug by cemetery personnel and shall be paid for in advance, or guaranteed by the funeral director. The interment of two bodies in one grave is permitted only when one is a cremation or an infant, and is accompanied with proper certification.


Disinterment shall be arranged with the Cemetery Superintendent upon notice of one (1) week, will be made during regular business hours and paid for in advance.

Disinterments will be made in the manner prescribed by the laws of the State of Ohio.


Burial stones, footstones, or any form of monument shall be approved as to material, design and location as proper by the Cemetery Superintendent and/or the Board of Trustees upon application for a foundation.

All monuments shall be placed on a concrete foundation. These foundations must be a minimum of 8" larger than the monument in length and width and 30" deep. Only cemetery personnel shall prepare these foundations.

Monuments and memorials may not be set without prior approval and confirmation of exact grave location by Cemetery Superintendent. Any unauthorized memorial work will be removed from the grave until proper arrangements have been made at the cemetery office and will be at the expense of the owner.

Only marble, granite or bronze will be permitted in all memorial work.

Cemetery personnel will not help unload or place any markers for the monument company.

Markers shall not exceed 36" in overall height, 16" in overall width and 30" in overall length for a single grave space and 56" in overall length for two grave spaces. Any monuments over two grave spaces shall be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.

The temporary marker provided by the funeral directors are assumed to be short lived and Fort Meigs Union Cemetery assumes no responsibility for same.

Should any memorial become unsightly or a hazard to visitors, the cemetery shall have the right to either correct the condition or remove the same.


Over time, there will be normal aging and upkeep required for all of the monuments and markers in the cemetery and are the personal property of the grave owner and thus the maintenance and care are the responsibility of the owner. Repairs and maintenance can be obtained from local monument companies.



Cremains in acceptable urns, made of materials other than wood or cardboard are allowed.

Two such burials will be permitted in a single grave, however only one marker is allowed.

Cut flowers are the most satisfactory form of decoration above ground during the grass cutting season. Inflatable toys, balloons, glass and plastic objects, windmills, animals, and homemade objects can be offensive to others whose lots may be located in the area and will be removed.

Marker must be flat and flush with the ground and can be either bronze or granite.

Two sizes only will be allowed, 24"x12" for a single burial site and 36"x12" for a double burial site.

Markers to be placed on the sites facing east using the cemetery current installation policies.

Bronze markers with above ground or below ground flower vases will not be allowed.

The sprinkling of ashes is not allowed on cemetery grounds.


All monuments in the Pond Estate area around the pond must be "family name feature" monuments with flat markers for individual burials.

One upright family stone for every or each lot. (A lot will consist of 4, 6, 8,10 or 12 grave spaces.)

The family name may be on the face and the reverse of the family monument which should be placed in the center of the lot.

A 2' by l' maximum flush with the ground footstone may mark individual graves. The footstone may contain the name and dates of deceased.

All monuments must have drawings submitted to and approved by the Trustees.


All monuments are to be no larger than 18" x 10" (no higher than 4"). There may be an 8" planting or decorations area in back of the monument. Fences will not be permitted.

Cut flowers are the most satisfactory form of decoration above ground during the grass cutting season. Inflatable toys, balloons, glass and plastic objects, windmills, animals, and homemade objects can be offensive to others whose lots may be located in the area and will be removed.

Size of grave in the back row will accommodate an infant container up to 4' in length.


May be located only in family estate lots (12-18 grave sites).

Mausoleum design, layout plan and landscaping must be submitted and approved by the Trustees.

Installation including foundations by owner are at owners expense and must be approved by the Cemetery Superintendent.


Must consist of 12 or 18 grave spaces.

Layout plan and landscaping must be approved by the Trustees.

Landscape maintenance is the responsibility of the owner.



The cemetery shall be closed after dark to the public, violators will be prosecuted under Section 2911.21 O.R.C.. The Cemetery Superintendent, Board of Trustees, City of Perrysburg Police and/or Perrysburg Township Police shall remove, or cause to be removed, any person, pets, or unwanted animals observed to be in violation of any Ordinances, Resolutions and/or Rules.

The cemetery will be closed for burials on New Year's Day, Easter Sunday, Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas Day.


Visitors are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that accords due respect to the deceased.

Visitors are requested to use the walks and drives.

Any person 16 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for their behavior.

No motorized or non-motorized vehicles shall be driven in excess of 10 miles per hour.

All vehicles (including bicycles) shall be permitted only upon paved or stoned driveways. Horses will be allowed in the Cemetery only at funeral processions or parades. Snowmobiles or other forms of recreational transportation will not be allowed in the Cemetery.

Loud noises, loud, boisterous or profane language will not be allowed.

Discharge of firearms, per Ohio revised code, will be permitted only as part of military services, funerals or ceremonies. Possession of a firearm shall be in accordance with ORC 2923.126 (c) and 2923.126 (cx3).

Any building, burial stone, plant or tree shall not be defaced, injured, marked upon or removed.

Pets, leashed or unleashed, will not be permitted. This prohibition shall not apply to certified animals assisting persons with disabilities.

Intoxicating beverages and/or illegal drugs will not be allowed.No advertising, selling or soliciting will be permitted.

All persons within the cemetery are prohibited from:

• Gathering flowers (wild, cultivated or artificial)

• Feeding and/or disturbing the birds and wildlife.

Funeral corteges and all persons entering the Cemetery shall be required to follow directions from the Superintendent or cemetery personnel.

Musical instruments or appropriate sound reproducing equipment shall be permitted in funeral services with the permission of the Cemetery Superintendent.


No person or persons not employed by the Cemetery shall excavate any earth, lay or remove any sod, alter the grade of any grave within the Cemetery either on or about his own grave or the graves of others, or plant any tree or shrub.

Fences, hedges, posts, decorative stone, and enclosures of any kind around graves are prohibited to facilitate mowing.

Dates of cleanup will be March 1st and November 1st each year and will take a few weeks.


The cemetery will undertake to maintain, as may be practicable, the planting of trees and shrubs, to preserve and maintain landscape features, but does not undertake to maintain individual plantings as allowed by the Board.

The planting of any vegetation, other then defined in flower policy, is strictly prohibited without obtaining written permission from the Cemetery Superintendent.

The cemetery is not responsible for personal items and/or other property left, lost or placed on lots or graves.


Floral tributes, wreaths, etc. may be placed upon monuments in a regulation non-glass container any time of the year. Flowers, including burial service flowers, will be removed when they become unsightly, discolored or wilted. All items shall be placed on the foundation when possible.

Planting of annuals is only allowed in the upright monument sections. You may plant within 8 inches in front of a monument. In no case will annual planting be allowed to extend beyond the width of the marker.

Grave blankets are only permitted between December 1st and March 1st in order not to interfere with lawn mowing.


American flags placed by cemetery personnel may be displayed at graves on Memorial Day and will be removed by cemetery personnel.

Decorations placed on or around graves that are deemed hazardous or create a maintenance problem will be removed and disposed of by cemetery personnel.

Glass of any kind is not allowed in the cemetery at any time.

Prospective patrons may feel free to visit the Cemetery for information without obligation to select or purchase space.

Lot owners are urged to contact the Cemetery at any time if the meaning or intent of these Rules and Regulations are not clear, or if other information is desired.


Prospective patrons may feel free to visit Fort Meigs Cemetery for information, without obligation to select.

Lot owners are urged to contact the Cemetery at any time if the meaning or intent of these rules and regulations are not clear, or if other information is desired.


effective April 1, 2016




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