These familiar Operating Systems have been certified by VMWare to run alongside a Windows 8, Windows 7, or Macintosh OS X host. The entire 200+ page list of certified compatible guest OS's is available for download here.
A Babelfish computer can come in many forms, from workstation to server to laptop, and standard specs are a bit of a moving target. Not your off-the-shelf box-store computer, a Babelfish begins as a high-performance, task-specific machine built for business and industry with speed and reliability as the primary focus.

A Babelfish configuration in any form factor contains the latest and most reliable technology in all critical areas and depends upon sturdy, overbuilt power supplies, high performance motherboards, late generation Intel i7 processors, high-speed SSD's and high-capacity hard drives, as well as an abundance of RAM and high-performance multi-monitor graphics cards, all custom suited to your application.

These foundational elements are key to the successful pursuit of a high-performance computer designed to transparently operate multiple virtual operating systems.

Processor up to 8 core 3rd and 4th generation i7
RAM 8 GB Min - 64 GB Max
Storage Standard and RAID HD configuration
Video Support for up to 6 monitors
Boot Drive Optional SSD up to 480 GB
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